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The wealth management landscape has changed over the years.  Given the complexities of investment planning and the ever-changing tone of the financial markets, professional guidance can play a crucial role in your family's success.  In choosing The Compass Pointe Group at Stifel, we recognize that you've placed considerable trust in our team.

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience in family and institutional wealth management.  Though we are based in Rancho Bernardo, California, we serve clients nationwide.  Using Stifel's open-architecture platform, we're able to draw on the latest research and strategies to provide investment planning and customized investment management for our clients.

Our mission is to help mitigate risk to and enhance your financial lifestyle.

We accomplish this by helping you develop a relevant and insightful wealth management plan, centered on your goals and priorities.  In carrying out our mission, we intend to serve you as we would wish to be served, if our roles were reversed.  We adhere to bedrock principles of clarity, objectivity, and personalized attention, and we believe that an investment planning-based approach will produce measurable, accountable results for you.

We consider our mission accomplished when you are enthusiastic about our process, confident in your investment strategy and its implementation.  Through the years, we've helped families of diverse backgrounds weather a variety of market conditions and have counseled them through good times and bad.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your continued trust and confidence and look forward to our continued relationship with you.


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R. William Chaffin, CFP®, CWS®AIF® 
Senior Vice President/Investments

Bill Chaffin | Financial Advisor | Rancho Bernardo California

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Rob Willgoss, CFP®AIF® 
First Vice President/Investments

Alex Monroe | Financial Advisor | Rancho Bernardo California

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Alexander Monroe, AIF® 
Financial Advisor

Alex Monroe | Financial Advisor | Rancho Bernardo California

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Debbie Muenchow
Registered Client Service Associate

Laurie Rouse
Client Service Associate